Kayou. – stay with me 💔 sad lofi hip hop & indie-pop vibes
Kayou. goes back to his roots with this sad lofi hip hop/indie pop/bedroom pop song called stay with me featuring again his classic video design in combination with sad vibes music. This lofi beat is perfect for your sad music playlist if you need some music for lonely nights, sad days, or just because you’re heartbroken. Sad love songs like this are his specialty, combining lofi music with male vocals into heartbroken songs like I Can’t Hate You and providing the perfect music for your next sad tik tok song.

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Known for his anime remixes and previously a major album release with Lofi Girl (also known under chilledcow), Kayou. touches everyone with his emotional lo fi music but also manages to create chill music for studying and calming lofi music at the same time.

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