Hello, Everyone.
I had always been in love with peaceful places in the middle of nature.
One of my inpirations to create this environment was a place I visited recently.
Imagine yourself in a cabin in the middle of the forest with a rainstorm with your cat’s company… wouldn’t it be extraordinary?

This is a perfect place to escape from the stress of our daily lives. The rain and the sound of the fireplace, as heard from inside the cozy cabin, creates a soothing ambience which is perfect for helping you focus while studying, reading or writing. The rain sound is also useful for masking outside distractions so that it’s easier to fall asleep and remain sleeping all night long. This ambience is a great tool for insomnia relief. Sleep, study or focus better with this rain sound ambience.

As mentioned above,I spent 3 days on vacation in a cabin in the forest, I spent a lot of time imagining what it would be like tohave my own hut. Although, it hasn’t been raining on my vacation, I give rain touch on the animation.

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