Enjoy and relaxing this cozy treehouse ambient while you watching and listening this relaxing rain sounds at night. Play this in the background and use it as study, concentration, focus, or reading.

Today I bring you a unique ambience, I created a house in the tree, I gave it a more welcoming and realistic touch, I put a tree branch inside the hut to give it that super cute look. I always liked huts in the trees, huts bring relaxing moments, so I thought it would be an interesting experiment. I put some old objects that are reminiscent of my parents’ childhood.

This ambience that I created will help you overcome insomnia and have an ideal sleep, this sleep ambience creates a peaceful atmosphere in your room. The sounds of rain help to relax and calm your mind, so you can fall asleep more easily. The natural sound of rain blocks distractions so your sleep is not disturbed.

The sound of rain will also help to block out other strange sounds, reducing the likelihood of being distracted by the white noise of people, music, TV, traffic etc. This will help you achieve a deeper focus state, useful when you study, do your homework, write essays, read another task that requires concentration for long periods of time.

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