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The main idea was to create an environment of Roman Ruins near a garden full of plants. All of this work involves about two full weeks of work.
I started with a simple idea two weeks ago and drafted it very quickly to get it on paper. After that, I started to research and find out which plants are actually growing in and around Rome.
Each part of the ruins was sculpted with the ZBrush program, as well as the bricks and finally the texturing was done with SubstancePainter.

With the Image finished, it was time to animate it with the Adobe After Efects program. I added some natural sounds of rain and florest sounds.

Did you know that the sound of rain helps with stress and anxiety? The natural sounds of rain have a beneficial effect on meditation, sleeping or studying, you can also use it with asmr.

If you liked it feel free to share.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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